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New Boilers

New Boilers are more efficient and cost up to 15% less to run than a boiler fitted before 2005.

We can advise and recommend the right boiler for you, whether House or flat, conventional or sytem to combi.

New changes to the regulations for fitting combi boilers from April 2018, called boiler plus.

Boiler Repairs and Breakdowns

We do our utmost to get to you same or next day and obtain parts as soon as we can to get you up and working again.

Faults may not always be the boiler so full check and diagnoisis on faults and controls as well.  No heat might be due to flow or pump not working.

We will either fix it or if its not cost effective we will advise you also if boiler past its sell by date.

What is Boiler Plus

Boiler plus is additional legislation to part L of the building regulations introduced by BEIS (the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy).  It sets out new requirements for gas engineers fitting new boilers and heating controlcs, with the aim of reducing domestic carbon emissions and encoraging energy efficiency.

From 6th April 2018, changes are taking place to the minimum requiremets when installing boilers in existing buildings, in England only.

Any gas boilers installed or replaced in eisting dwellings must be a minimum of 92% efficient under the ERP (European Rating System).

When replacing gas combi tpe boilers at least one option fromt he following mut be installed

  • Flue gas heat recovery FGHR
  • Weather compensation
  • Load compensation
  • SMART thermostat with automation and optimisation

Is this optional ?

No.  The legislation is part of the Building Regulations, which must be followed by law.



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